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Legal Notice



Excluding tax, departure our stores.


All the commitments made by our representatives are valid only after having been accepted and confirmed by us.

The cancellation of a duly registered order can only be made with our consent.

The articles on estimate, manufactured on request, can not be canceled if the execution is started, or if the matter is specially supplied.

Because of the hazards of imports, a tolerance of plus or minus 10% is allowed on the quantities ordered in these articles.


Nos délais de livraison ne sont donnés qu'à titre indicatif et sont maintenus dans la limite du possible.

En aucun cas, ils ne constituent un engagement formel.

Un retard à livrer, même important, ne peut constituer une cause acceptable, ni de refus de livraison ni d'action en dommages et intérêts d'aucune sorte.


The goods are sold taken in our stores.

They always travel at the risk of the recipient, even when the prices are set free-recipient, which must make all reservations, if any, to be able to exercise recourse against the carrier, only responsible for damage and missing. Claims, to be valid, must be received within fifteen days of the arrival of the goods


Failure to pay for a delivery authorizes us to suspend shipments and makes the value of the products ordered, available or in the course of production payable. Failure to pay shall also cause the term to lapse and immediately make all other claims payable. Any late payment or any postponement of payment is automatically liable, without prior notice, to late payment penalties calculated by monthly installment, applying to the amount net of claims, a percentage equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate. in force and at least equal to 2%. Every calendar month started is due in full with regard to interest.


Our warranty is strictly limited to the replacement within a normal period, or to the refund, at our choice, of the recognized parts defective or non-compliant, after examination by us.

Any replacement will not, under any circumstances, justify a delay or refusal to pay our bills.

Only the value of the parts recognized as defective may be retained.

We do not accept any liability for the execution of parts protected by a patent or a model deposit.


The company remains the owner of the goods delivered from the day of delivery until full payment of the full sale price, the risks of the goods nevertheless incumbent upon the recipient, as soon as the latter is made available.

Do not constitute payments, the delivery of drafts or any securities creating an obligation to pay.

Therefore, in case of non-payment, the company is entitled to perform or have the resumption of the merchandise at the expense of the recipient.

This clause is an integral part of our general conditions of sale.


In the event of dispute concerning a supply or its regulation, the Court of Sousse is only competent, the applicable law will be the Tunisian law.


Except in the case of special and written agreements, the recipient agrees and expressly accepts the present general conditions of sale and the prices. He declares and acknowledges having perfect knowledge of it, and therefore waives the right to rely on any contradictory document and, in particular, his own general conditions of purchase.

payment methods 

- Bank or postal check (Cash)
- Money order
- Bank transfer